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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re part of an established business, you’ll always be looking to edge out the competition with business tech. You’re up against millions of other sellers, so you’ve got to stand out however you can. That finds you working long hours day after day, trying to stay on top of everything. It’s not sustainable in the long run, and you need to find ways to outsource your work. Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming the best way to delegate work, giving you more time to dedicate to the things that matter. Here are just five ways that you can use it to outsource work and improve your business.

1. Automating Customer Interactions

As a small business online, you know just how much time is taken up by interactions with your customers. You want them to keep in touch with you, as interaction is key to retaining customers. However, with social media, emails and more taking up so much time, you just can’t answer every query. If you can’t answer quickly, customers may move on and choose not to buy from you.

You can avoid this happening by using artificial intelligence to automate those interactions. You may have already seen this in action if you’ve gone to a website and seen a chat window open up asking if you need help. These are chatbots, an intelligent AI that learns from common interactions with customers. The more data it is exposed to, the more it can help your customers. If a customer asks for shipping information, a certain product, or opening times, it can point them in the right direction. It’s amazing how much time this saves you on your working day.

2. Real-Time Updates with AI

Another way artificial intelligence helps your business is by giving your customer real-time updates. In this age of almost immediate shipping, customers expect to know where their product is at all times. This is also perfect for any business that provides services, too. Having those updates saves you countless phone calls and emails, asking for updates on your products.

For example, take a look at companies like Amazon. Once a product ships, an email is automatically sent to the customer in order to let them know. It also includes the tracking info, so they can keep up with their parcel in real-time. AI is also used with bus and train companies, too. You’ll find that real-time updates are sent to your phone as the AI tracks where your chosen bus or train is, so you know exactly how long you’ll be waiting for it.

3. Personalize The Shopping Experience

You want every customer coming to your site to have the best experience possible. Of course, you do. You want them to come back so you try and make the shopping experience as smooth and as easy as possible for them. The problem is, every customer is different, so it’s hard to make the experience perfect for everyone. That’s why so many people automate with business technology.

The personalization process can happen in a number of different ways. As a customer returns to a site, the AI can remember what they looked at before, and recommend new, similar products to them. It can also send offers to them via email or social media that are tailored to them, encouraging them to come back.

4. Operational Automation

AI isn’t just a great tool for the customer-facing side of your business. It can also help you keep track of everything that needs to be done on the operational side. There’s so much to keep track of that you can’t do it all on your own. New AI technologies are being created all the time to allow for automation of all kinds of things, from production to stock keeping.

For example, AI can keep an eye on the machines on your factory floor. It can tell if a machine is operating at top capacity by comparing the data against past data that it has collected. If there’s a drop in productivity, it can let you know before you’ve even noticed it for yourself. You’ll also see that AI can keep track of your stock using RFID technology, tracking what goes in and out and updating records in real-time. You’ll even see that AI can keep production floors at the right temperature, or even control the robots. You’ve got lots of options to help you keep on top of production.

5. Predicting Customer Outcomes

Finally, AI is a great tool for predicting outcomes. On your own, you can analyze the data yourself and come to conclusions, but they’re not as accurate as you’d like. You’d still want to use caution when making decisions based on those outcomes. When using AI though, you’ll get much more accurate outcomes, plus you won’t have to spend all that time working it out yourself.

AI will have access to all the data accumulated by customers as they buy from you. For example, it will be able to tell you which products are most popular and will tell you when you’ll need to restock. It’ll even be able to tell you when you’ll see a decline in the product’s popularity. Many predict that as we buy the latest tech gadgets, the need for seasonal sales will drop off. As you’ll have a much better idea of what your customers want, there’ll be much less stock to sell-off at the end of a season.

This tech works well in other sectors, too. The banking sector uses AI to predict stock fluctuations, and health care sectors can use social media to predict virus outbreaks.


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