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Digital Technologies

Is investing in digital transformation for our business an asset with a return on investment down the line? Well, it is. Every so often, technology is invented that creates a disruptive shift in how things are done. The internet, for example, was a disruptive technology that changed the way we do a lot of things. A lot of physical stores were replaced by e-commerce sites that provided services faster and better than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The way we do payments also changed. We can now do online payments safely and securely without exposing our credit card information thanks to innovations like PayPal.  So digital transformation is a reality that should be accepted as an opportunity rather than a challenge. There is a lot that technology can do for us from tracking leads, automating procurement, and smart inventory management. We will now look at how business technologies that can be integrated to improve the typical workflows of a business.


Digital marketing


Digital marketing is one of the ways we can automate business with technology. Traditional marketing methods such as TV and radio ads are now being outpaced by marketing efforts that use electronic devices that are connected to the internet. Platforms like social media can be used to promote the goods and services of an organization far more effectively, particularly, if the target audience prefers using their mobile devices. Another way to drive traffic to an organization’s website is through the use of email management applications like a Mailchimp to contact potential clients.


Search engine optimization, SEO


The way that our clients look for information when they’re searching for products has also undergone tremendous changes. Traditionally, you would have to walk into a physical store and make inquiries about a particular product. Or if you’re looking for a service like the nearest hospital you literally have to go through the phone book and search for a facility that was near your place of residence. The current approach is to simply enter a search query and let the Artificial Intelligence at the other end get you the closest match to what you need. A business can increase its online visibility by optimizing its online presence. This it can do by incorporating favored keywords in the content that it generates online. So when a prospective client searches for one of these keywords the search engine will return content that has incorporated those keywords which in turn leads to traffic to the company’s websites which might lead to closed sales. This is another way to automate business with technology.


Cloud Computing Business Technologies


Businesses can gain a lot by outsourcing most of their IT infrastructure to third parties. The biggest measurable benefit of cloud computing is that it helps the organization to save substantial capital costs because it will not need any physical hardware investment. It is also a way to edge out the competition with business tech in that it will access the latest applications and updates without the additional capital cost investment. And also once a business’s data has been stored on the cloud it can be easily backed up and restored reducing the interruptions that a business will face due to software or hardware failures. Another advantage of utilizing cloud computing is that it reduces the geographical limitations of having to work in a physical office so colleagues can work from anywhere in the world provided that there’s a good, fast, and reliable internet connection. Cloud computing is one of those digital technologies your company should not overlook.


Using e-commerce sites for distribution


One of the biggest ways to automate business with technology is by leveraging existing e-commerce sites to sell our products and services all over the world. The internet has provided us with a way of breaking all kinds of geographical barriers when it comes to global trade. Most of our customers are simply an internet click away. The business can access distributors and wholesalers online and source orders that have been requested by clients on their site. Websites like Shopify provide us with a platform where we can set up a business site for the purposes of selling products and services. These platforms are well established and very well-known, which reduces the marketing effort of a business that wants to set up an e-commerce platform. Payment methods are also now far more secure than they were a decade ago. The online e-commerce platform acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller ensuring that each party meets their obligations to each other. The business ships the product or the service and they in return are guaranteed to receive payment provided there are no issues to be resolved.


Using a customer relationship management system or CRM


A business that wants to thrive in the digital age must find ways of improving the customer experience. A CRM application makes it a lot easier for the organization to develop effective strategies for managing the relationships and interactions with clients. A CRM application can be used to track leads from prospective customers and also manage existing customers. Great customer experience will improve return sales and encourage prospective leads. Good CRM systems automate how an organization interacts with clients. They make it easier to contact clients through emails and update them on the newest offers, the status of their orders, and invoices that are due for payment. Good systems are also capable of generating newsletters and content that is viable, informative, and engaging for our customers.


Good CRM systems also enable the organization to learn as much as you can about the customer. It makes it easier to keep track of the products they’re interested in and other data like their age and location, this enables the business to build an effective customer persona that they can use to customize their marketing strategies so that they can effectively target a particular group of customers.


In summary, a business is better placed competitively if they embrace digital technologies and use them to leverage their business workflows and reduce costs, if they don’t do so then they are at risk of being edged out by fellow competitors who will be operating more efficiently, at a lower cost, and providing a better customer experience because they’ve chosen to automate business with technology. Click here to learn about more business technologies that can propel your business to new heights in 2020 and beyond.


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