Financial Literacy 101

“Committed to teaching and equipping minorities through financial literacy”
This is endorsed by: 3FC Acquisitions Inc.
President: Gaston John-Baptiste
Chief Operation Officer (COO): Richard Ransome
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Wendell John-Baptiste

Financial Literacy 101…

How to read and understand a profit & loss statement for business acquisition?
How to raise funding in a unconventional way?
How to use financial instruments to raise capital?
What specific keys you need to know, to build a successful financial team?
How to use and analyze financial equity markets?
How to analyze and know if a business will succeed long term?
How to invest securely in alternative investments?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, in what 3FC Acquisitions leadership team will be teaching various minority groups in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Please contact: Gaston John-Baptiste at (289) 939-2318
Wendell John-Baptiste at (905) 425-2002
Richard Ransome at (416) 992-7142
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