The Top 5 Gadgets for the Business Professional Today

The world moves faster than ever today for a business professional. Luckily, the tech world has produced some truly remarkable gadgets to help you power through the day. Here are the top five gadgets you must have if you’re a business professional.

5. Power Bank

You may laugh at the prospect of carrying around a power bank, but trust me when I say that you’ll need one. The number of gadgets that you’re carrying around and the rate at which you’re using them will sap the battery. However, there are a lot of power banks out there that can top up your battery in a jiffy.

If this list was meant for the average user, I wouldn’t even recommend a power bank. However, power users will get through an entire work day just barely squeaking by on their devices. If they have to work long nights or entertain clients, they’ll have to have a battery backup.

The best part about power banks is that they retain charge for months after you’ve topped them up. Hence, you can charge them and forget until you need your smartphone or smartwatch topped up.

Some of the best power banks in the business are manufactured by Anker. I recommend either the PowerCore 26800 or the PowerCore 20100.

4. Earbuds

This is a must have to quickly answer calls. You can leave the earbuds plugged into your ears during a drive or a ride to the office. This way you can quickly pick up calls and take care of them while using your hands to do other things.  

Listening to music and podcasts notwithstanding, earbuds are a real lifesaver when it comes to multitasking. Depending on whether you work in finance or any other industry, you’ll probably need to keep up with multiple calls during the day. You will also need to answer messages, sign documents, and manage several other tasks.

With a decent pair of earbuds, you’ll at least have the luxury of just picking up calls with a tap. Depending on which smartphone you currently own, you’ll be fine with either the Jabra Elite for Android or the AirPods for an iPhone.

The former will give you a much better sound quality for a much lower price point. However, the latter will work best with an iPhone and the seamlessness with which it connects is unmatched. This is due to the W1 chip embedded inside iPhones that make pairing very easy. That being said, if you want better battery life, you should go with the Jabra Elite. They will last you much longer on a single charge and fit nicely in your ears.

3. Smartwatch

While most people still think of smartwatches as niche products, they’re unavoidable for a power user. If you’re a health enthusiast, you will find a great use for smartwatches because they record your vitals. They can even tell you if your heart rate is irregular so that you can go for a doctor’s appointment.

There have even been cases where smartwatches have saved people’s lives by informing them of their worsening condition. That is something that your phone can’t do, not in the least because it’s not attached to your hand.

Also, the luxury of a smartwatch is that it connects to your smartphone and displays your messages and alerts. This way, you won’t have to reach down to your pant pockets and pick up your phone every time it rings.

More than the convenience of the smartwatch, it’s something that helps you multitask. It just makes it faster for you to respond to messages, look at alerts, keep up to date with your memos, etc. Plus, the smartwatch can also help you keep doctor’s appointments by reminding you if your vitals look worse.

At this point, there are tons of smartwatches you can choose from. However, it comes down to the ecosystem that you’re on. If you’re an Android user you have choices between Samsung watches and standard Android wear. You can even make do with a fitbit. However, if you’re on iOS, then you only need the Apple Watch. It’s by far the best in its class and has several optimizations to help you take better care of yourself.

2. Smart Speaker

This might be overkill even for the busiest professionals. However, it makes waking up in the morning and running through your to do list even easier. The best smart speakers in the business include ones from Apple (Apple Home) and Google (Google Home). However, the crowning glory is the Echo from Amazon. You can even get the Echo Dot, which is the smaller version of the speaker.

All three are equipped with the proprietary smart assistants from Apple, Google, and Amazon, respectively. Not only are these incredible at responding to your everyday questions, but they sync with all your devices. Think of it this way, you can have all your work in one place for access all day. Since the assistants only recognize your voice, they won’t reveal the info to anyone else.

Another great feature of these smart speakers is that they can control all aspects of the smart home. Automatic lighting, smart heating, air conditioning, can all be controlled through smart speakers. You can even put presets to manage your gadgets day and night.

1. Flagship Smartphone

This is at the top of the food chain. This is one gadget that no one can do without and neither can the power user. Luckily, flagships have such variety now that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you go for iPhone 11, Samsung S10, or Huawei Mate 30 Pro, you’re in safe hands.

All these phones come with great performance, high-end processing power, and great battery life. They’ll be able to last through the entire day on a single charge. What’s more is that they even come with fast charging, which means you’ll be able to top them up in no time.

The modern flagship smartphone is fitted with machine learning, fast storage, and better RAM management. Some even work better than the low-end or mid-tier laptops. They will act as the centerpieces to your tech world.

Even if you’re on a budget, which won’t be surprising since the flagships all cost over $1000 now, you have great choices. The OnePlus brand is coming up with phones at the $500-$700 price point. The new iPhone 11 is nearly $700 and even the Samsung S10E is $750.

These gadgets aren’t merely suggestions for the business professional today, they’re mandatory. If you don’t have either of these, the lack will slow you down. So make sure to invest in these gadgets to help you power through the day.

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